The Monitoring department in our company was created in 2004, and it designed an individual system which is offered on the market under the name PROM@R MONITORING SYSTEM (PMS), which optimizes the power consumption in all types of buildings. The main idea of the system is based on delivering one tool integrating all measuring devices and automations, of any producer, which are responsible for controlling and managing installations in buildings. Every PMS element was designed in such a way so that it enables any configuration of its functions depending on requirements of the customer. The system allows also on analyzing data which helps to optimize media consumption in buildings.

PMS is offered in the SaaS model (Software as a Service), where the costs of implementing and using the system are much lower than savings acquired by customers.

Next implementations as well as opinions passed on by our customers confirmed, that PMS is an excellent solution for buildings’ administrators and other subjects, for whom the constant monitoring and the optimization of devices, as well as the possibility of remote control of parameters of automation are essential.

The Monitoring Department is responsible for the constant development and increasing the functionality of the PMS system. There is a group of specialists taking care of this development. We are still expanding the list of devices working in tandem with PMS and we are also improving the user’s interface so that using the system is even more transparent.